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Shape, Size & Location - Designing a Tattoo Part 2 - Tattoo 101 EP09

Submitted by DaVo on Mon, 11/18/2019 - 17:12
Planing a Tattoo Part 2, Size, Shape and Location - Tattoo 101 EP09 -

This is the 9th episode in our series Tattoo 101. In this episode, Westley Dickerson of Skin Kitchen begins a new series where Skin Ktichen Tattoo's Artists guide you through designing. In this second episode, Westley explains how the shape and size of the design fit into the location.



An Iowa native, I got my start in Des Moines. I began my career as an apprentice in 2006, and have progressed from the original shop to work with a variety of amazing artists to learn from. Not content with just one or two specific styles, I have jumped at the chance to try new forms of art, and push myself to be able to do a good job on any tattoo that comes my way. Whether its a color piece, black and grey, memorial, new school or old, I want to be able to do it. With a wide range of technique and skill, I take pride in my versatility and my professional demeanor.