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Why Do Simple Tattoos Take So Long? Tattoo Who Kn3w? EP05

Submitted by DaVo on Thu, 07/28/2022 - 15:07
Why Do Simple Tattoos Take So Long? Tattoo Who Know? EP05 -

Jimmy St. John of Skin Kitchen Tattoo answers the question, Why Do Simple Tattoos Take So Long To Do? This is episode 5 in a new series where the tattoo artist of the Skin Kitchen answers common tattoo questions and those that have been submitted by our views.

Jimmy St. John has been a Tattoo Artist since 1999 and has tattooed all over the United State and even Japan. 

Origin Stories - How Did You Get into Tattooing & Piercing - Q&A in the Kitchen S 02 EP 01

Submitted by DaVo on Sun, 10/06/2019 - 13:22
In the first episode of Season 3 of Q&A in the Kitchen, Jack, Westley, DaVo and Jimmy talk about how they got into Tattooing, Piercing and Body Modification and became artists -

In Q&A in the Kitchen Season 2 Episode 1 Origin Stories. Jack, Westley, DaVo and Jimmy tell the story of how they first discovered tattooing. piercing and body modification and how they became an artist. Also, they talk about the importance of apprenticeship and whether you can take a class and become an artist. Premere at 5pm CST Sunday October 6th, 2019.