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Numbing, Popular, Tattoos & Piercings Q&A in the Kitchen Podcast S04 EP11

Submitted by DaVo on Sun, 10/23/2022 - 18:04

In Q&A in the Kitchen Season 4, Episode 10, Jack Lowe, Jimmy St John, and DaVo answer questions submitted by our YouTube viewers about using topical anesthetic and numbing creams when getting a tattoo and what are the most & least popular piercings at our studio.

  1. Alexandra I - "How common is the use of topical numbing agents like lidocaine for tattooing? I’ve heard it talked about, but it doesn’t seem common with artists."
  2. mars nova - "what’s your most popular and least popular piercing at your piercing shop?"

Q&A in the Kitchen is a series where Professional Tattooists and Body Piercers discuss common subjects relating to the Body Arts. If you have a question you would like us to cover in the future, please comment below or email

In this episode, our panel is DaVo from Axiom Body PIercing -, Brent Starr, Jimmy St John, and Jack Lowe from Skin Kitchen Tattoo -

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