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Viewers Tattoo & Piercing Questions - Q&A In the Kitchen S02 EP21

Submitted by DaVo on Sun, 10/11/2020 - 18:13

In Q&A in the Kitchen Season 2, Episode 20, with Jack Lowe, Westley Dickerson, Jimmy St John, and DaVo, answer 4 of the viewer questions:

  1. Can you have too sensitive skin to get Tattooed?
  2. What Program would you suggest an artist use if they don't have an Ipad?
  3. Is it OK to get certain piercings when you have to wear a mask for work?
  4. Artists would you suggest to do seminars?

Q&A in the Kitchen is a series where Professional Tattooist and Body Piercers discuss common subjects relating to the Body Arts. If you have a question that you would like us to cover in the future, please comment below or send an email to

In this episode, our panel is DaVo from Axiom Body PIercing -, Jimmy St John, Westley Dickerson, and Jack Lowe from Skin Kitchen Tattoo -

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