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The Axiom Body Piercing Studio

DaVo of the Axiom Body Piercing Studio operates out of Skin Kitchen Tattoo. DaVo has been piercing professionally in the Des Moines area since 1994 and has been a part of Skin Kitchen Tattoo since 1999. For more information on piercing, Specials, Updates, Schedule changes, DaVo's Piercing Blogs, and Prices, please visit The Axiom Site. If you would like to know more about DaVo, read his personal Blogs, or watch his Vlogs, Please check out his Personal Site. 

DaVo believes that the piercing experience should have a focus on education and not only gives a consultation on the risks and responsibility involved in getting and healing a piercing but also will go over the Aftercare instruction in detail verbally with every client. Yes, it does take extra time but he fills it's his responsibility as a professional to do it.


During normal Piercing Hours Tuesday through Saturday 3 pm to 9 pm, all piercings are done on a walk-bases. Usually, he is set up and ready for his piercing at 3 pm sharp and takes his last walk-in piercing at 8:30 pm. Depending on DaVo's schedule, he may have additional time to stick around past 9 pm, however, we suggest that you call to make sure. 

Appointments Outside of Normal Business Hours:

If DaVo has time available and understand that he is a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music and averages about 20 events a month that he may or may not need to be on sight for, he can sometimes come in outside of normal business hours. Usually, especially if you need an appointment before 3 pm, you will need to contact him at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact him by phone at 515-966-4814 or by email at to see if he is able to come in. Always understand this is often his free time and if you can't make an appointment, please contact him as soon as possible. 

Coming from Out of Town:

A number of DaVo's clients travel from out of town to get pierced by him and it is always best to call ahead to make sure that there isn't a change in his schedule or other reason that he will not be able to do the piercing.