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Scheduling an Appointment

Yes we are open but...

Skin Kitchen Tattoo and The Axiom Body Piercing Studio will be re-opening on Saturday, May 16th, 2020 for Tattoos and Piercings by Appointment only and with some restrictions. Both will be operating with our normal hours listed below. 

The Following Restrictions will be applied:

  1. We are only tattooing and piercing by appointment.

  2. Only the person with the appointment will be allowed inside. Unless you have mobility issues and require assistance. If you are a minor child getting pierced, please bring a guardian.

You can schedule an appointment for a Tattoo by: 

When calling in or emailing about an appointment it is best to have an artist in mind, have emailed us examples of the design and know the location and size of the Tattoo. You will be required to make a deposit at the time of setting up the appointment that will be applied to the cost of your Tattoo. Deposits can be paid in person or over the phone using a credit card. 

If you want to spend up the process have the following:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Email Address
  4. Best Time and days to schedule the appointment
  5. Placement of the tattoo
  6. Size of the tattoo
  7. Is it black and grey or color?
  8. Description of the Tattoo.
  9. Attach images that reference the tattoo.

Request a Tattoo Appointment

Phone Number Order
Enter the best phone number to reach you at.
Please describe the tattoo design. Be as detailed as you can be.

Upload any reference images of the tattoo you are requesting. This would be more about examples than the actual tattoo. The artist can and often will adjust and change the image for your tattoo. Please wait until the upload is complete. A Red Button saying "Remove" will appear once the image is uploaded.

Upload requirements