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Appointment with Jack

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Submitted by admin on Sat, 01/02/2016 - 23:11

Jack tattoos by appointment only. To ensure that everyone has an equal chance to schedule an appointment, he take a month scheduling the following two months. For 2016 he will doing scheduling as follow:


  • Starting January 1st. 2016 he will be scheduling  appointments for February and March of 2016
  • Starting April 1st, 2016 he will be scheduling appointments for May and June of 2016
  • Starting July 1st, 2016 he will be scheduling appointments for August and September of 2016
  • Starting October 1st, 2016 he will be scheduling appointments for November and December of 2016

If there are any changes that need made to the original idea/design, we must be notified at least one week in advance. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will need to call the studio with your deposit(via Credit Card). The deposit will be $20 per hour scheduled. For a 3 hour appointment, the deposit will be $60.00. The deposit is to hold the appointment and will appealed to the price of the tattoo itself.

To schedule an appointment you will need to e-mail him at and include the following(If you do not include the following he will not reply):

  1. ​First and Last Name

  2. Telephone number

  3. E-mail Address

  4. Best Time and days to schedule the appointment

  5. Placement of the tattoo

  6. Size of the tattoo

  7. Is it black and grey or color?

  8. Description of the Tattoo.

  9. Attach images that reference the tattoo.


Once again if you do not include the information above, Jack may not respond to the e-mail.