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Tattoos by Jack

Jack has been tattooing since 1993. He has been published in multiple magazines, and has won several awards for his tattooing. Jack does truly enjoy doing all styles, though he is most well-known for his photorealistic black and gray. He believes that the customer should have a good idea of what they want, but is more than willing to help them realize their full vision.  Although he’ll use whatever means necessary to give you the best tattoo, Jack usually prefers to work freehand. That involves drawing the design directly onto the skin with a non-permanent pen before applying the tattoo. All in all, Jack thinks the tattoo should be a fun, positive experience, and does his best to offer that to all of his client.

Jack tattoos by appointment only. To ensure that everyone has an equal chance to schedule an appointment, he take a month scheduling the following two months. For 2016 he will doing scheduling as follow:
  • Starting January 1st. 2016 he will be scheduling  appointments for February and March of 2016
  • Starting April 1st, 2016 he will be scheduling appointments for May and June of 2016
  • Starting July 1st, 2016 he will be scheduling appointments for August and September of 2016
  • Starting October 1st, 2016 he will be scheduling appointments for November and December of 2016
Currently, Jack is taking appointments for February and March. To request an appointment go here and fill out the form.
If you have booked an appointment with Jack and have to cancel or have any questions, please contact the Studio at 515-255-4430 or